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Weight Loss Tracker & Recorder


This weight loss tracker does one thing and does it well, it records your weight loss progress. Also comes with a bunch of helpful diet calculators that include: BMI, BMR, RMR, Exercise, TDEE & Calorie Intake Calculators. There are two ways to record your weight.
IF YOU WANT TO KEEP IT SIMPLE:1. Record your weight in either pounds or kilograms and hit “Track It”! Everything else is calculated for you.
ADD A LITTLE FLAVOR TO YOUR WEIGHT LOSS TRACKER ENTRY:1. Do your weigh in and record how much you weigh.
2. Set the date and time. The current date time are automatically set up for today. You are able to change these at any time. This allows you to put in past missed entries.
3. Select the best picture and color that best matches how you feel about your current entry.
4. The next section is a place for your thoughts or general notes for your weigh in. Did you do anything different this week? These notes are important and provide an invaluable strategic asset as you look back on your journey to see what worked, and what did not.
5. And finally, hit “Track It!” to log your entry into your weight loss diary.
View your past recorded results in the Weight Loss Diary as a list, chart or calendar. All results can be EDITED.
★ HELPFUL DIET CALCULATORS – New!√ BMI Calculator (for both adult and child)√ Calorie Intake Calculator√ Exercise Calculator√ TDEE Calculator√ BMR Calculator√ RMR Calculator
★ TARGET WEIGHT & STATISTICSSetting a target weight will enable various weight loss statistics which include:√ Projected goal date√ Progress % into your goal√ Total Lost√ Total Remaining√ Average Daily Loss√ Average Weekly Loss
★ IMPERIAL OR METRIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEMEntries can be input in either Pounds or Kilograms.
★ TOP 10 WEIGHT LOSS TIPSWe compiled the most popular weight loss tips to help keep you motivated, on target and losing weight!
★ LIGHT & DARK THEME SELECTIONFor your viewing pleasure we included the option of selecting between two beautify designed themes.
★ EDIT PAST WEIGHT RECORDER ENTRIESIf you need to change the date or time, weight, picture or journal of a past weight recorded entry, you can change it! Go to your weight loss diary listing page and select EDIT.
★ WEIGHT RECORDER DIARYThis is where the magic of the weight loss tracker really shines! View all your past weight loss entries in either a list, calendar or chart. Edit past entries from the list. Our advanced charting control allows you to pinch zoom in on past entries.
GOING PREMIUMTo be upfront: there is one IAP, which is used to enable the PRO version of this app. Upgrading to the PRO version enables editing of past entries, removes ALL ads, enables all diet calculators and grants free access to future upgrades.
Our weight loss tracker & recorder is the simplest way to help keep a running record of your weight loss.
While we like to keep our apps simple and easy to use, new features are always a plus! If you have an idea or feature request, let us know!